Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Welcome to the port of Åndalsnes! We would like to provide you some information about memorable things to do when you are on a day-visit in our town. The suggestions listed below are divided into three categories:
1. In walking distance from the port
2. 1/2 day excursions
3. Day excursions

Watch the great “Trollfolk” film inside The Norwegian Mountaineering Center

The movie theatre at Norsk Tindesenter is one of its kind in the world. The screen itself is 3D and simulates a rock wall. Watch the spectacular 15 minutes film from the Romsdal mountains and see what outdoor activities can be practiced here. This film is packed with mystique, breathtaking moments, precipitous drops and….a Romsdalen troll!

Videomapping technique, historical pictures and great music accompanied makes it a once in a lifetime experience.

Open all year. Suitable for everyone.

Read more about Norsk Tindesenter here.


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Visit the exhibition insdie The Norwegian Mountaineering Center

In the interactive exhibition you can learn about the triumphs and tragedies of the Norwegian mountaineering history. There is something for all ages to explore. True stories have been dramatised, the old gear have been dusted off, and you can even test your own climbing skills inside Norway’s highest indoor climbing wall. Open all year. Suitable for everyone. Read more about Norsk Tindesenter here.

Walk to the Nebba lookout point, 90 masl

20 minutes walk from the town centre you find Nebba lookout point. It’s a gentle climb, and a steel walkway will lead you almost all the way to the top. This makes this walk manageable for most people. Only a few minutes further up from Nebba viewpoint is a picnic area, with a fantastic view to the mountains in south. All year activity. Suitable for all people without big disabilities.

Hike to Rampestreken, 550 masl, and continue to Nesaksla, 715 masl

Hike up the steep path to Rampestreken, starting from Åndalsnes town centre. The path consists of some roots and some stone steps. These are made by Sherpas from Nepal. From Rampestreken there is a spectacular view to the surrounding mountains, the Romsdalsfjord, and the city of Åndalsnes. You need good walking shoes and take plenty of water. It’s a steep uphill climb. All year activity. Can be slippery and inaccessible in winter time due to the weather conditions. Suitable for anyone with at least average stamnia and fitness.

Read more about the hike to Nesaksla here.

A stroll by the river

A gentle walk by the beautiful Rauma river is balm to the soul. On both sides of the river there are nice walking tracks. All around you there are just breathtaking panoramic views. At the shopping center by the river you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake at the patio on 1st floor. The distance from the port of Åndalsnes to the riverside is 1,5 kilometers. If you start up and end up in the port, and want do the whole walk by crossing the two bridges the total distance is 5 kilometers. Suitable for all ages, with normal health.

Rauma Rail Line

Voted the most scenic rail journey in Europe!
The journey offers fantastic view to steep mountains on both sides of the narrow valley Romsdalen. We will pass Trollveggen mountain face – which is the highest vertical cliff on one side, and the characteristic Romsdalshorn on the other.
The train climbs 574 meters to Bjorli, passes 32 bridges, waterfalls and the salmon river Rauma that glides emerald green through the valley Romsdalen. Open all year. Suitable for everyone. Please note that there are limited number of seats for the 2018 season. If there are any seats available they can be purchased at 

Some of our excursions also include a train ride on the Rauma Line. Please check the Excursions-page for bookable excursions. This summer we have combined a ride on the Rauma Line with a visit at Lesja Museum – an interesting historic site, nestled in a beautiful area. Highly reccommended!

Read more about the Rauma Rail Line here.

Trollstigen – Trollveggen roundtrip. Click to enlarge.

Trollstigen and Trollveggen – the sightseeing bus

Trollstigen is the most popular and most visited touristic point in Norway. This is where the fantastic nature, towering mountains and cascading waterfalls meet modern Norwegian architecture – new outlooks – spectacular and popular! Definitely worth a visit!

Trollveggen stretches up to 1788 m, 1000 m are vertical, and it has an overhang 50 m. It’s the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. Dramatic histories are told and shown in Trollveggen Visitor Centre located at the foot of Trollveggen. In the auditorium you can watch the film about climbing, rescue, drama and spectacular footage of base jumping and climbing in Trollveggen the last 60 years. Duration time: 2,5 hours. Open from ultimo May to mid October. Suitable for everyone. Some of the lookout points in Trollstigen are accessible for wheelchairs.

Read more and book tickets for the excursion here.

Troll safari in Trollstigen!

We are hunting for the Troll in the fairytale forest at the foot of Trollstigen. The troll we are looking for is a bit shy, but friendly and playful. The safari starts from the foot of Trollstigen. The trip includes a visit to the top of Trollstigen and a photostop at the foot of Trollveggen. Duration time: 4 hours. On selected dates from June to August. Suitable for everyone. Some of the lookout points in Trollstigen are accessible for wheelchairs.

Read more and book tickets for the excursion here.



Via Ferrata – Romsdalsstigen

Try the Via Ferrata in Åndalsnes. The tour starts a 20 minutes walk from the town centre. Hillarious fun, and whith a fantastic view along the route.

This route takes about 3 hours to complete.

More information and bookable tours will soon be available.

Duration time: 3 – 4 hours. Open from May to November. For average fit guests.


Active in Åndalsnes – Romsdalen. Click to enlarge.

Litlefjellet hike

New excursion coming up for 2018!

More information and bookable tours will soon be available.

45 min hike one way – capacity of up to 20 pax per group. Duration time: 3,5 hours. Open from ultimo May to mid October. For average fit guests.

Read more about the excursion here.

Stand-up paddle board on the Rauma river – Coming up for 2018!

A unique and stunning experience, as close to the nature you can get. Learn to control the stand up paddle board on the emerald green river, surrounded by a fairytale landscape. Professional guides make this paddle journey to a safe and fun experience you’ll never forget. This is a must do for all nature lovers. Duration time is approximately 3 hours. Limited capacity. Open from June to September. Suitable for average fit people, age 14 and older.

Read more about the Stand up paddle board adventure here.


Romsdalseggen hike

One of the 10 nicest hikes in the world! ( National Geographic) Duration time is 6 – 8 hours. The distance is 10,3 km, with a 970 m altitude. Open from July 1st until the end of September.

Suitable for the fit guests with hiking experience who wants an experience for lifetime!

Read more about the hike and book tickets here!

Lesja Museum and Romsdalen valley

Bookable tours will be available from March.

Visit Lesja Museum, a historic site and a cultural heritage, in the heart of Reinheimen National Park. In a unique highland landscape you’ll meet with Norwegian traditions and culture in this open air museum, and get a glimpse of the everyday life and craftmanship on the old Norwegian mountain farms. Included is also a visit inside the old Lesja Church. This trip combines a fantastic bus ride through the Romsdalen valley, with photostops. Duration time: 7 hours. Open June – August. Suitable for everyone.

Read more about Lesja Museum and Romsdalen valley here.

Visit Viewpoint Snøhetta

New excursion coming up for 2018!

You are invited to visit Dovrefjell National Park, a unique wilderness area in Norway, which is the home of the last habits of wild reindeers in Europe. Here you’ll learn about the old Norwegian hunting traditions. A day excursion to Snøhetta Viewpoint is packed with genuine experiences, with a taste of Norwegian, traditional food. Enjoy a ride on Europe’s most beautiful railway, where the train takes you through a fantastic, changing landscape from the fjord to the high mountains.

Available from June – August. Not suitable for disabled in wheelchair.

Read more about Viewpoint Snøhetta here.

Musk-ox safari

New excursion coming up for 2018!

Meet the musk ox. This is a unique chance to see gracing Musk ox in their natural environment in one of the greatest national parks in Norway. This activity is combined with a journey on the Rauma Line. Duration time: 10 hours. Suitable for the average fit. Open July – August. Not suitable for disabled.

Read more about the musk-ox safari here.