Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

At Verma (top end of Romsdal Valley, 40 kilometres from Åndalsnes). Railway bridge of hand-dressed stone, described as “a tiger’s spring in stone”. 60 metres (200 feet) above the river. Signposted footpath to photography point by road. The waterfall plunges 381 metres from the lip of the mountain. It is easily visible from the road.

There is a viewpoint a 300 metres walk from the parking spot by the local grocery store at Verma. If you are lucky the store is open, and you should take the opportunity to buy some of the local made specialities. Verma Mat is famous for its “lefse” and “flatbread”

To reach the view point follow the sign marked Kyllingbrua. Parking spot at Verma Mat. You walk on a footpath down the fields. If you want to see the train passing by you should plan your trip according to the train time schedule. You should calculate that the train takes approximately 27 minutes from Åndalsnes up to Verma. From opposite direction Bjorli is the nearest stop – about 10 minutes from Verma. Good Luck!

viewpoint Kylling bridge viewpoint Kylling bridge nærbilde