Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Viewpoint Rampestreken is a fantastic experience. The lookout is 550 meters above sea level, and Åndalsnes is beneath your feet. Continue to the top of Nesaksla. The view is simply breathtaking!

From the start point in Åndalsnes town center the trail ascends steeply until reaching the view point, Rampestreken, 580 metres above sea level. The locals love this hike, and they often do this for exercising to be rewarded with a magnificent, breathtaking view.

It’s classified as a moderate hike, however the last part is quite steep – but manageable. When you reach about 430 masl the trail steepens into stone steps, where the path is made durable thanks to wonderful pieces of stone construction works by Nepalese Sherpas. Worth a study itself, called Romsdalstrappa.


The stone steps makes the climb up the mountain less hazardous. Photo: Matti Bernitz

The steps provide a solid path most of the way to the top. The path is well marked with signposts and red marks painted on trees and rocks. You’ll be updated with signs telling you the elevation every 100 height-meters from the goal.

From top of Nesaksla you have a 360 degrees view. Photo: LynneBring plenty of water. Use footwear suitable for a rough hike, or sneakers. Kids can also do this hike. Estimated time without any rush to reach the viewpoint is about 1,5 hour. Return time from this point is 1 hour.

But we strongly reccommend to continue to the top of the mountain, called Nesaksla.

It’s only 20 minutes more, and you walk most of the time on stone steps. The view on top of Nesakskla (715 masl) is fantastic.

Long term car parking in Åndalsnes. Click to enlarge.

Car parking in Åndalsnes

Be aware of that Åndalsnes has strict parking rules in the town center. The parking lots in the town center zone is free, but have a limitation of 3 hours. A parking clock must be used, and placed visible in the car!

But on the long term parking places you can also park for free, and there is no time limit. No parking clock needed. Take a look at the map.

Romsdalstrappa, from where the view is stunning! – Photo: Matti Bernitz
On top of Nesaksla. Photo: Lynne