Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Enjoy the wonderful train ride with the Rauma railway to Dombås – lunch at Frich’s in Dombås included in the price! Dates for 2017 coming up later.



Dombås is a village in Dovre municipality in Oppland. The village has 1270 inhabitants, and is
located far north of Gudbrandsdalen. Here the main roads E6 and E136 meet, and Dombås is a
well-known stop for all travellers between Oslo and Trondheim. Dombås is situated approx. 600
meters above sea level.
Dombås has splendid natural surroundings, and there is only a short drive to Dovrefjell and
Rondane National parks, downhill slopes and cross-country skiing, muskox safaris and many
other exciting activities. At Dovrefjell you will find several 2000 meter high peaks, the best
known is perhaps Snøhetta, Norway’s national mountain.
Shopping and dining
There are several cafes/restaurants in Dombås. Have lunch or a cup of coffee in one of the cafes
before you return to Åndalsnes. Dombås has a variety of shops. Handicraft, souvenirs, shoes,
jewellery, flowers etc.
Frich cafeteria
The Frich family welcomes you to Frich cafeteria, a natural first choice for travellers between the
north, south, east and west. There is a varied menu at reasonable prices. Their focus is traditional
Norwegian food.
Trollstua is probably Norway’s most extensive souvenir shop. You’ll find quality souvenirs in all
price ranges. Our customers always come first and we are committed to providing the best
customer care.
Dovre Handverkstugu
In this shop and gallery you will find local arts and crafts.
Dombås Church
Dombås Church is a cruciform church from 1939. The church is bricked of sparagmite from
Gudbrandsdalen, locally called Jøndal stone. The church has 260 seats. It was designed by
architect Magnus Poulsson. The altarpiece shows Christ and ten small pictures from the life of
Christ. Open during summer from mid-June to mid-august.
Dombås memorial park
During the campaign in 1940 the Germans dropped paratroopers between Dombås and Dovre.
These were defeated by “Garden” (His Majesty the King’s Guard) and Møre Regiment. This was
the first “loss” to the German armies. During a German bomb attack on Dombås station, the first
American, Robert M. Losey, died in the Second World War. This Memorial Park slightly north of
the parking space outside the Dombås church. The monument has the form of three memorial
stones that are integrated into a larger facility with stories about the war and the fighting that took
place in the area.
Einbustugu – the house og the amateur astronomer Sigurd Einbu
Einbustugu is situated on top of Dombåshaugen (Dombås mound/hill) approx. 400 m west of
Dombås church. Follow the path from the parking space behind the church to the hill, then 150
meters along the hill until you arrive at Einbustugu.
The exhibition inside Einbustugu gives an insight into the amateur astronomer Sigurd Einbu’s life
and work and the national astronomer environment he was a part of. The building is the first floor
of the house he was born in, at Einbu in Lesja municipality. He is known for the discovery of a
nova in the constellation “Gemini” in 1912. He established and ran a magnetic observation station
at Dombås from 1916. Einbustugu is only open on request.