Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Sagelva Hydropower centre tells the story of how water has been exploited for more than 300 years in the Romsdal valley. It is situated in the woodland in beautiful surroundings 40 kilometres up in the Romsdal valley.

Sagelva Hydropower centre is situated in Lesja kommune (Gudbrandsdalen), on the border of Rauma municipality in Romsdalen. Exit from E 136, 3 km west for Bjorli. Follow the road to Brøste for 1.5 km.

The centre has a history dating back to the 1700s. Then it was a saw mill and a flourmill, but a clothes press was added around 1845. Now the old sawmill has been restored, and has become a water energy centre. The restoration started in 1999, and more than 30 000 working hours are put into the project.

Sagelva tells the story of how the power from the water has been exploited in more than 300 years, and shows three different water wheels. The power from the flowing water and the different methods to exploit it impresses visitors and is a unique experience.

Sagelva Hydropower Centre is run by Brøste-Stueflotten Kulturlag. The extensive restoration started in 1999 and the facility is in constant expansion. The number of visitors increases every season. Brøste-Stueflotten Kulturlag has been awarded with Lesja Kommune’s Culture Prize in 2007. All members are volunteers.

Join the virtual tour:

Sagelva Hydropower Centre offers guided excursions for individuals and groups.

Sales Office  at Åndalsnes Skysstasjon offers guided bus tours to Sagelva on specific days when the cruise ships arrive at the port of Åndalsnes.

The excursion includes guided tour at the Sagelva Hydropower Centre, photostop at the Troll Wall and Slettafossen waterfall. Timetable will be presented here when ready.

Open during the summer season.