Offisiell informasjon for Åndalsnes og Romsdalen siden 1930

A spectacular hike to Rampestreken view point above Åndalsnes town.


From the start point in Åndalsnes town center the trail ascends steeply until reaching the view point, Rampestreken, 550 metres above sea level. The locals love this hike, and they often do this for exercising to be rewarded with a magnificent, breathtaking view. It’s classified as a moderate hike, however the last part is quite steep – but manageable. The trail steepens into stone steps, where the path is made durable thanks to a wonderful expression of Sherpa architecture. Worth a study itself, and the steps provide a stable trail all the way to the top. Starting in the town centre it takes you about 1,5 hour to reach the view point Rampestreken. Bring plenty of water.

Park the car where the hiking trail starts. You can continue the hike as far as you like, as long as the conditions are good for hiking. In nice weather a hike to the top of Høgaksla, 991 masl, is recommended.